Braeanne Oribello

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Increasing discoverability of the Drift Prospector sales tools

Product Designer
Shelton Miller — Product Manager
Peter Templin — Tech Lead
Mike McGrath — FE Engineer
Rakesh Adupa — BE Engineer
Taylor Wagner — Manager
Leny Santana — Mentor
Sierra McCahon — UX Researcher

Drift aims to help marketing, sales, and customer teams by connecting them through conversations to build trust and revenue.

What I worked on

Drift creates Sales and Marketing productivity tools to increase their efficiency and support top of funnel tasks. I specifically contributed to designing the Sales tools that would be used by Sales Development Representatives to connect with buyers, understand their needs, and gauge intent.

My responsibilities

— Organize product requirements based on user and business needs, informed by research
— Conduct generative research to further understand the Sales persona
— Provide any and all design work for my product team, ranging from prototypes to design QA

The problem
Scattered sales tools

How might we make it easier for our sales users to find the tool that fits their mental model, so that they can see which accounts are showing the highest intent?

Final designs
Unifying the sales tools through a dashboard
Previously, Drift's sales tools were scattered throughout the product, giving users a hard time finding other tools. Based on internal interviews, 80% of sales reps didn't know some of our tools existed. This presented a negative impact when these reps are showing demos of our products, and users aren't seeing the value of any updates we make to those tools.
Competitive analysis
Keeping it familiar, while increasing excitement for sales product demos
Sales reps use a multitude of tools, so we didn't want to stray too far from the interfaces that they're used to.
Changing directions based on vision concepts

The first iteration got feedback that resulted in the team following vision concepts that I collaborated on with my mentor and product manager. I can't share too many details on this, but the final version was a result of wanting to encourage different user behavior to start breaking down the concepts into iterations the team can slowly work towards.

Did this meet the team's goals?

80% reported the dashboard being easy to use

80% reported being satisfied with the dashboard

80% were able to pinpoint the value of the dashboard

Next steps
Seeing as the dashboard has resonated with our customers, Drift should continue to invest time in making this dashboard more automated. This will truly lean more towards the current mental model of how sales reps prioritize prospective buyers.

— It's important to know how to navigate ambiguity. You're not always going to have the time to have all the right answers, so it's important to lean into design principles to help guide you.

—Building your design voice is a continuous journey. My cross-functional partners were often levels above me with many years of experience. It was intimidating to voice my thoughts at times, but I knew it was important for me to speak up because of my expertise and knowledge on our users.

If you'd like to know more about my experience and other projects I worked on, free to connect or chat with me!

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